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Quicker & Easier Filing

Clio is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud-based law practice management software. Once you've connected your account with Clio, FilePilot offers features which will make filing quicker and even easier. Most of the time spent e-filing is spent on entering information you already have available in your practice management system. FilePilot helps you save time by automatically populating information directly from Clio. Give these features a try, we think you'll love them!

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Connect a filing with a matter

Wouldn't it be great if you could know which filings are related to your matters? Well now you can! Specify which matter the filing is related to while filing and not only will it auto-populate fields, you will now be able to see and search filings based on which matter it is related to! With a click you can view the matter in Clio.

Auto-populate party information

Filling out party information can be tedious. Especially when you've already entered their information as contacts in Clio. Now you won't have to re-enter or duplicate information. When specifying the parties for a filing, simply start typing the name of a contact in Clio and we will auto-populate their name, phone number, and address if it's available!

File documents directly from Clio

Moving files around from computer to computer and having them duplicated in different systems can be a real pain. FilePilot can help relieve that pain. Since you already have all the documents you want to file in Clio, why not just file them directly from Clio. No more downloading them from Clio just to upload them again to FilePilot. Just choose the document you want to file from a list of your Clio documents and you're ready to file!

Know what's happening on your matters

Sometimes it's hard to remember if you've already filed that document or if you just started it and forgot to finish. FilePilot will create notes for any event that happens on a matter directly in Clio. Now you can see whether or not you already filed that document without leaving Clio!