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There is No Better Price than Free


31 January 2017 / Kevin Burke

We've set E-Filing free!

While we've made efforts in the past to reward our loyal users with free e-filing credits, we didn't feel like we were doing enough. Today, we are happy to announce that all future filings will be absolutely free! So, go ahead and file as much as you want, you'll only be paying the court fees; we will no longer be charging for using our service. Enjoy!

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Introducing the FilePilot Referral Program


29 April 2016 / Kevin Burke

What's better than free? When it comes to e-filing, not much! That's why we're proud to announce our new FilePilot Referral Program. You will earn 3 FREE filings just for telling your friends and colleagues about FilePilot. If our simple pricing wasn't enough, you just can't beat free.

There are no caps and no strings attached. As soon as your referral files for the first time, you will receive 3 free filings. That's a lot of free filing if you tell everyone you know!

Click here to find out how to get your free filings!

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Launching FilePilot: Fast. Easy. Confirmed.


22 April 2016 / Kevin Burke

Today, we at Pilot Software are proud to announce the first public release of our brand new e-filing application in the great state of Texas!

FilePilot was designed from the beginning to be fast, easy to use, and robust. The success of our customers is our number one concern and we hope that shows in the user experience; enabling users to file efficiently and confidently. Spending less time in your e-filing application lets you spend more time on more important tasks and saves you money.

Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

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